So, one of the really big perks that I get by day trading.

Which means I only get only work a couple of hours a day at most. Is that I can do more stuff with my kids.

Is that I actually get to work at my kid’s school right now. And I am starting a new program called Entrepreneurship for Kids. It’s a pilot program at my kid’s school. And I get to do this with them and their classmates because I have free-time.

I am extremely happy that I found something that allows me to start a program that I’m very, very passionate about, and to teach kids how to be entrepreneurs.

That’s something simply not being done right now in my area, or at most schools that are near me right now. So being able to teach about such a great topic that they all need to know for the future is so fulfilling for me as a mom.

My oldest son just got into middle school, he is at a perfect age for this. And I get to do this with him and his friends.

I get to do this several times per week during the day as part of their school curriculum. This to me is one of my biggest perks ever for being not only a day trader but an entrepreneur myself.

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